portrait I am a Research Scientist at Electronic Arts (EA). Recently I finished my PhD at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. My main supervisor was Hedvig Kjellström and co-supervisors were Gustav Eje Henter, Jonas Beskow and Iolanda Leite.

My PhD research was on machine learning models for non-verbal behavior generation, such as hand gestures and facial expressions. One of my talks about it you can find in this video. My favorite project, GENEA Challenge 2022, can be found on this project page. My thesis is publicly available at this url.

I come from Ukraine and my country has been invaded by Russia causing lots of suffering to the people. If you want to help - you can find many ways to do that in this website.


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Academic Service

  • Co-organizing
  • Reviewer for
    • FG 2023, IEEE VR 2023, EuroGraphics 2023, CVPR 2023, SIGRAPH 2023
    • HRI 2022, CHI 2022, CVPR 2022, AISTATS 2022, IVA 2022, ICMI 2022, SigGraph Asia 2022
    • ACII 2021, ICMI 2021, ROMAN 2021, ICCV 2021 Workshops
    • ECAI 2020, IJCAI 2020, SIGRAPH 2020, IVA 2020, ICMI 2020 LBR
    • ACII 2019, ICSR 2019
    • NIPS 2018 Workshop on AI for Social Good